Thursday, 26 February 2009

Beezy - Cupids Death Album Giveaway

10 BRAND NEW tracks, produced by Heavyweights like Dubface, Cluekid, Joker, Komonazmuk & Guido all in beautiful high-res 320K, stereo MP3 with snazzy artwork from Monsta too


Monsta @ MonstaPress

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

DJ Killian presents the ScrapBook Podcasts Vol.10

Time for a D&B selection. Some personal favourites and some rollers


Cyantific - Little Green Men
Dillinja - All The Things
DJ Zinc - Lost In Music ft. Jenna G
Digital - Come To Me
Calibre - Second Sun
Chase & Status - Streetlife ft. Takura
Jason Ball - Horns 4 '94 (2000 Back 2 Basics Remix)
DJ Fresh - Without You
Concord Dawn - You Dont Have To Run
Ed Rush & Optical - Get Ill ft. The Scratch Perverts & Ryme Tyme
Bad Company - Snowcats
Evol Intent - Street Knowledge
Concept 2 - Cause 'N' Effect
Seba - Gold & Diamonds ft. Robert Manos
Seba & Lenk - 16 Stories ft. Robert Manos
Breakage - Mother Earth
Alaska - The Vortex
Mutated Forms - Last Prediction
Breakage - So Mars


Sunday, 15 February 2009

Chimpo February Dubstep Mix

New mix from Manchester's own soundboy killer, Chimpo. Packed with plenty of new dubs this mix is on FIRE!


1. Marcus Intalex - Debbit
2. Zed Bias - Seeds ft. Fox
3. Chimpo - Love Is Here
4. Chimpo - Good Old Love Step
5. Chimpo - Vapourrub
6. Chimpo - Honeysuckle
7. Uncle Sam - Reasons (Chimpo Remix)
8. MRK1 - Magnetic Device
9. Skream Vs Movaldo - Dem A Calous
10. Chimpo - Cereal killa
11. Antiserum - Frisko Funk
12. Menta - Snake Charmer (Chimpo VIP)
13. Synkro - Rudebwoy
14. Chimpo - Children Of Israel VIP
15. Chimpo - Tear It Down

Download and Stream
Chimpo on Myspace

photo by Adam Holt

The Scrap Book Podcasts: The Last 12 Months

These are the latest numbers from the hosting site for the last 12 months. I'm actually pretty surprised, and pleased, at the amount of people who've taken to them. Hopefully it'll continue. All that copying and pasting to various forums, groups and anywhere else i could fit it wasn't in vain after all.

The Worlds Longest Carrot

Just because.

The Steppahs - Mixedupinnit

New mix from heavyweight Manchester all-woman DJ combo, The Steppahs. Rapidly building a name for themselves on Manchesters dubstep scene after earlier raising their game from Hip-Hop and Drum & Bass, these two are churning out consistent set after consistent set. Check their Myspace page for 4 other mixes, all as hard hitting as each other.


Silkie - Skys the limit - Deep Medi Musik
Skream - Trapped in a dark bubble - Dub
Clue kid - Hovercraft - Ringo
Zed Bias & Fox - Seeds - Dub
Skream - Fick - Skreamizm 5 - Tempa
Kutz - Glitchy Finger - Dub
Distance - Headstrung - Chestplate
Jakes - Rock tha bells - Dub
Benga - Better - Tempa
MRK1 - Borderline - Forthcoming - Contagious
Crissy Criss - Soap dodger - Z Audio
Polizia Remix - White
Cardopusher - Parilla - Red Volume
Joker & Rustie - Tempered - Kapsize
Paleface ft Kyla - Would you mind (L.D remix) - Northern Line
Jakes - Custard cream - Dub
Benny Page - Trigger finger - Digital Soundboy
Skream - Levitation - Dub
Indigo - Let it rain - Mindset
Chasing Shadows - The End - Forthcoming - HENCH
Dkay - Fire (Rusko Remix) - White label
Skream Refix - Dr Blue - Dub
Benny Page - Panpipes - Digital Soundboy
Mr Lager & Alys B - Tell me - Forthcoming - Sub Freq

Stream and Download

The Steppahs on Myspace

SYNKRO - Exclusive Mix for Electronic Explorations

New and exclusive Valentines Day mix from 20 year old Manchester based producer/musician SYNKRO. Unbelievable tracks coming from this young lad, deep vibes on some dark garage bits and also uplifting dubstep tracks. Definitely one to look out for this year and this mix, well, the tracklisting speaks for itself.

[01] - Von-D - Truth (Tes La Rok Remix) - [Forthcoming ‘Black Acre]
[02] - Misk - Headcase - [Dub]
[03] - James Blake - Pessimism - [Unreleased]
[04] - The Black Ghosts – Full Moon (Marlow Remix) - [Forthcoming ‘Southern Fried’]
[05] - Shackles - Dark - [Unreleased]
[06] - STP - The Fall (T++ Remix) - [Subsolo]
[07] - Martyn - right?star! - [Forthcoming ‘3024′]
[08] - Martyn - Hear Me - [Forthcoming ‘3024′]
[09] - Gunjack - Ugly Boys Have More Fun - [Forthcoming ‘Consume Recordings’]
[10] - Bracket - Coma91 - [Forthcoming ‘Consume Recordings’]
[11] - Funk Ethics - Trans Europa Step - [Dub]
[12] - Starkey - Creature - [Forthcoming ‘Planet Mu’]
[13] - Rossi B and Luca - Jah No Dead - [Forthcoming ‘Soul Motive’]
[14] - Magnetic Man - Cyberman - [Forthcoming ‘Magnet001′]
[15] - Mr Oizo - Flat Beat (16bit Remix) - [white]

Download and Stream

SYNKRO on Myspace

Saturday, 14 February 2009

MRK1 and Chimpo Remixes

A free album of remixes by Manchester's own MRK1 of Virus Syndicate and heavyweight DJ/ producer/ soundboy killer Chimpo. Unbelievable that they're giving it away considering the quality of the production involved. A must have for HipHop/ Dubstep fans. Grab it while you can

1. Snoop Dogg - Sexual Seduction (Chimpo Remix)
2. Lil Wayne - A Millie (MRK1 Remix)
3. Jim Jones - Love Me No More (Chimpo Remix)
4. Bonecrusher - Never Scared (MRK1 Remix)
5. Mike Jones - Still Tippin (Chimpo Remix)
6. Killer Mike - 2 Sides (MRK1 Remix)
7. The Game ft. Lil Wayne - My Life (Chimpo Remix)
8. Norrisman - Big Long Gun (MRK1 Remix)
9. UGK ft. Outkast - Players Anthem (Chimpo Remix)
10. Mike Jones - Drop And Gimme 50 (MRK1 Remix)


Monday, 9 February 2009

The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall

By far the most bizarre book I have ever read. The title itself is play on words of "Rorschach Tests", which are inkblot tests, meaning, i think, that the author intends everyone to interpret this book in their own way and take away a very personal experience from reading it. Fantastic stuff. Buy it or borrow it. Its a must-read

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Mary Anne Hobbs ft. Zed Bias, Broke 'n' English & Virus Syndicate

Recorded For Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental show 10/01/09
Brand new material from Zed Bias and Virus Syndicate showcasing new tunes from their new albums, Adventures In Biasonics and Sick Pay respectively. Also featuring tunes by our Manchesters own Chimpo. Absolutely on fire are both parties with some sweet tracks from Mary Anne Hobbs inbetween

Radiohead - Reckoner (Flying Lotus mix)
Joker and Rustie - Play Doe - Kapsize
Semi Squared and Nomad - Island Life
Rsd - Forward Youth - Tectonic
*Zed Bias and Broke N English Exclusive Session*
Goth Trad - The Clown - Deep Medi
Kito - Whatif - Disfigured Dubz
*MRK1 and Virus Syndicate Exclusive Session*
LL - Where U Been
Type 7 - Syphon
Ramadanman - Core - Soul Jazz
Conquest - Stand - Deep Medi
Break - Hooked Up - Symmetry
Helixir - Helicrafeat - 7even
Thievery Corporation - Radio Retaliation - Eighteenth Street Lounge Music
Pendle Covern - Exigen - Modern Love
Daniel Gardner - Under The Shower Tower (Alland Byallo mix) - Thinner
Costa - Real - Scala Mercalli

Download and Stream here

DJ Killian presents the ScrapBook Podcasts Vol.9


El-B - Murdah
Tes La Rok - Hot Jam
Skream - Lightening
Nyabingi - Cannibal Run
Kion - Rocka
Headhunter - The Arrival
Caterva ft. Anita Brown - Kebold (-10bpm)
Gravious - Wormsign
6blocc - Collie Budz pt.2
Rogue State - Wicked and Bad
Komonazmuk - Preset Whore
Dubchild - Take Me (Reso Remix)


DJ Killian presents the ScrapBook Podcasts Vol.8


Splurt - Landslipde Vs Slaughter Mob (Skream Remix)
West Coast Rocks - Matty G (Caspa Remix)
Slope - MRK1
Killers About - Benga
Ohh R Ya - Caspa
Last Breath - Roommate
Bread Get Bun - Caspa and Rusko
The Knowledge - Toasty
Sandsnake - Skream and Cluekid
Dub - STEP : ONE
Murderer ft. Buju Banton - 6blocc
Philly - Boxcutter
From Country - Darqwan
Lock Off - Chimpo
Intensive Snare ft. Skepta - Plastician


DJ Killian presents the ScrapBook Podcasts Vol.7


Jakin - Jazzsteppa
They Know - TRG
dub - STEP ONE
Digital Terror - Dub Terror
Monstahs - Eskmo Vs The Antiserum
dub - STEP ONE
Redbellion - Omen
Ice Box (Dubstep Remix Instrumental) - Omarion
Putrid Creature - Suspicious Stench
Speed - D1
Cowboy Riddim - Dubchild
Silkie - Cyber Dub
Rawer - 6blocc ft. Big Daddy Kane
Sensimillia (Gimmie Ganja Remix) - Roommate
Dawn Stepped Outside (Horsepower Remix) - Kuma
dub - STEP ONE


DJ Killian presents the ScrapBook Podcasts Vol.6


Shottaboy - Tes La Rok
Shankstep - Komonazmuk Vs Whiteboi
Punks - Juju (Komonazmuk Remix)
Braile Diving - Scuba
Red Up - Juju
Sushi Brain - Headhunter
Music Box - Benga
I Got Too - MRK1 ft. Sizzla
Breaking Point - Cotti
Cold blooded - Tes La Rok
No Big Deal - Slaughter Mob
Equinox - Orien
Find My Way - (Kode9 Remix)


DJ Killian presents the ScrapBook Podcasts Vol.5


Babylon - Kode 9 ft. Daddy G
Babylon Timewarp - Hijak (Root Dedication Mix)
Baldheads - Juju
Dub - Quantum Soul
Haunted Soul - Tes La Rok
2 Faced Rasta - Rob Sparx
You Ought To Be Dead - Takomo
Archetype - Innasekt
Kill Dem - Tes La Rok
Very Dangerous - Rogue State ft. Daddy Freddy
Marseilles Connection - Horsepower Productions
Dubplate - Unknown
Calm Down - Cotti ft. Docter


DJ Killian presents the ScrapBook Podcasts Vol.4


Road kill - Marlow
Jahova - Rusko
Drumz West - Benga
Cold Blooded - Toasty
Man From Planet X - Tes La Rok
Disturbance - S.N.O
Al Andalus - 23Hz
Nomad - DJ Distance (Scuba Remix)
Bounce Step - Rogue State
Root Of All Evil - Rogue State ft. Lone Ranger
Slums Dub - DZ
Bad You Do (Halfstep) - Boxcutter
Devoliz - Dubwoofa
Bad Boy - Kromestar
Warrior Stance - Darqwan
Lost City - Digital Mystikz
Blackwood - Spherix
Chest Boxing - Skream


DJ Killian presents the ScrapBook Podcasts Vol.3


7th Curse - Headhunter
Well 'Ard - Caspa & The Others
Wear The Crown - DQ1
Voodoo Spell - Horsepower Productions
Tribute - Juju
Tribute - Elemental
Infiltrate - Afterdark
Roller - Benga
Lata - Blackdown
Velvet Rooms - Caspa
The solution - Scandalous Unltd
Vengeance - Omen
Urb - S.N.O
Like Sun - Toasty
I Dont Give A Dub - Unknown Artist
Mecha - Emalkay
Malfunction - D1
Ancient Memories - Digital Mystikz
Hydropine - Geiom


DJ Killian presents the ScrapBook Podcasts Vol.2


Rutten - Skream
Monsoon - Skream (Loefah Remix)
Worries Again - Dj Distance & Crazy D
Bury The Bwoy - Mala
Gunshot - Tes La Rok (Juju Remix)
Say More Fire - Aaron Spectre
Dancin Shoes - Babylon System
Still Rockin - Benga
Northside Cheng Dub - Blackdown
Mangione Tribe Dub - South3ern
In The Next World - Shackleton
New World - Orien
Rainbow Tear Drops - Orien
Dr Rudeboy - MRK1
Ghost Hardware - Burial


DJ Killian presents the ScrapBook Podcasts Vol.1


Midnight Request Line - Skream
Pretty Bright Light - RSD
Hunter - Mala
System - Loefah
Rusty Break - Boxcutter
Windfall - Boxcutter
Rottan- Skream
1 on 1 - DJ Distance
Round The Way Girls - Unkle Sam (Tes La Rok Remix)
Brood - Boxcutter
Fever - Vaccine
Tense Past - Gatekeeper
Ghost Hardware - Burial
Anaesthetic - Vaccine
Stardust - MRK1
Kaleid - Boxcutter
Loaded - Babylon System
Sunshine - Boxcutter
The Knowledge - Toasty (Vex'd Remix)
Take It Personal - Toasty
Foxy - Boxcutter


Photos by Becky Elliot

Each published podcast / mix is accompanied by a photo taken by Becky Elliot. Thought provoking and offbeat, this girl has a real eye for what makes for a good picture. Becky can be contacted through her blog: