Saturday, 19 February 2011

Reworking Titles

A while back I posted a link to a talented artists website that goes by the name of Heartstrand. Well, the guy is back with more modern interpretation of some of the most iconic film posters you're likely to know. Clean, sharp and very impressive, these prints are now available for sale. To own something that's not available on a massive scale and would no doubt get your woman sliding off her chair, check out the new blog he has where you can pick up a piece of his work.

Reworking Titles

Broke'n'English Live @ Dpercussion 2006

Bringing back the memories with this one, Broke'n'English performing live at the main Castlefield Arena at what was one of Manchester finest summer events. Sadly Dpercussion is no more but it lives on with this 27 minute gem which appeared out of nowhere:

"It's only just turned up & this is the first time I'm hearing it and it's sick. Actually emotional."


BnE-Dpercussion2006 by STraTS-Broke'n'£ngish

Broke'n'English blog

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Rewd Adams

See!, not everything I post has Mancunian roots as some people emailing would like to think, haha. But seriously Rewd Adams (formerly known as Skandal) has dropped this free 13 track badman selection that has guests on vocals and on production including Klashnekoff, Black The Ripper, Jon Phonics, Ed Strong alongside others. Brilliant stuff. Free albums are fucking brilliant wouldn't you agree?


1. Rewd Awakening
2. Rookie
3. This
4. Everyday (Feat. Black The Ripper)
5. Go
6. Wish Myself Away (Feat. Graziella)
7. Hurt
8. Drift Away (Feat. Black The Ripper)
9. Struggle (Feat. Neenah)
10. I Know
11. Questions
12. Promise
13. Kill 'em With The Flow (Feat. Klashnekoff & P Money)

Rewd Adams

Mikey D.O.N And Philly B

Long time Mancunian soundboy Mikey D.O.N And Philly B offer up a free mixtape that offers many sounds from across the globe. It features some of my personal favourites in LDZ and Mr Fox alongside W.A.R, Dubbledge, King Kaiow (IRS) and Philly B, Madlib, Damien Marley, Roots Manuva and Elephant Man to name a few. Tuff selection. Loving it.


01. Intro
02. Mikey D.O.N Intro
03. Mr Fox Soundboy Dead Fi True DUBPLATE
04. Madlib See
05. Mikey says do your homework!
06. This one too
07. Roots Manuva Witness the Fitness
08. and this one!
09. Mr Fox Rock the Mic Right DUBPLATE
10. JayDee Fuck the Police
11. Akon, Shabba & Busta Clear The Air
12. Elephant Man Weed
13. Busy Signal My Highness
14. Sizzla Haffi Get It (Nah Rape)
15. Mr Fox Tek Mi Simple Medley DUBPLATE
16. Delly Ranks We Nuh Like Them
17. Interlude UK 2 Noway
18. Dabbla From The UK 2 Norway DUBPLATE
19. Timbo King MastaKilla Armoured Truck
20. Dubbledge Dabbla Rocksta Kanyes Buying Diamonds EXCLUSIVE
21. WuTangClan BlackTwang Carefull (Click_Click)
22. DTension D.S.L Instrumental
23. The IRS Brassic
24. Sizzla Hustlin
25. Daddy Mory Daddy Mory Story
26. Assasin Anywhere we go
27. Cham Ghetto Story
28. YT England Story
29. YT England Story (Sleng Teng)
30. Sizzla Ultimate Hustler (Sleng Teng)
31. JrGong Welcome to Jamrock (Sleng Teng)
32. Dabbla Philly B Radio Edit (All Aboard) PHILLYDRIVEN
33. WAR Philly B Light Dem Bun Dem (All Aboard) PHILLYDRIVEN
34. KingKaiow Blaze This Slay Tracks (All Aboard) PHILLYDRIVEN

Mikey D.O.N
Philly B