Tuesday, 14 December 2010

The BBC 1Xtra Dubstep Soundclash 2010

Recorded as part of 1Xtras Dubstep Takeover, 4 crews go head to head in a soundclash representing their respective parts of the UK. The teams participating in the dub war are:

Team London : Plastician, Chef & P.Money
Team Bristol : Mensah, Gemmy, Buggsy & Scarz
Team Manchester : MRK1 & Virus Syndicate
Team Midlands : Flux Pavilion & Doctor P

Split into several rounds with lots of game talk in-between this is 2 hours of fresh dubstep thrown up by some of the scenes biggest selectors. I may be biased but Manchester killed it with Chimpo and Triggas recent dancefloor smash 'Gaza'

Stream from the BBC Iplayer
Download soundclash and tracklisting.
Chimpo @ Soundcloud

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